It’s World Oceans Day, and we’re taking a look at some of the ways that you– yes, you!– can join the global effort toward productive and sustainable oceans.

It all starts with fish. The way we source our fish is changing– today, more of the world’s fish are farmed than wild-caught. As the industry expands, it’s more important than ever to ensure that farming in the ocean is sustainable. We launched the Blue Economy Challenge to re-engineer aquaculture to help improve ocean health and enable sustainable development.

The goal of the Blue Economy Challenge is to encourage innovations that will revolutionise aquaculture. We will focus on the Indian Ocean region, where transformations in aquaculture can help improve livelihoods and ensure access to safe, nutritious, and plentiful food year-round. We’re accepting project ideas until June 30, 2016, and we already have more than 150 teams working on applications! Learn more about how you can develop and submit your project idea here.

We need technological and scientific innovation to make seafood harvesting more sustainable. But we also need a culinary culture shift– people need to care about finding sustainable sources of protein. That’s why we asked chefs from sustainable seafood restaurants worldwide to join the Blue Revolution campaign by creating special menus for World Oceans Day.

Luukas Trautner is head chef at Osprey’s Restaurant, the ‘crown jewel’ of Thala Beach Nature Reserve near Port Douglas, Australia. “We’re an eco-resort, so [sustainability] is really on the hearts of our owners, and on the hearts of our kitchen team,” Trautner tells us.

Anthony Parker is the sous chef at the historic restaurant Nautilus in Queensland, Australia. An avid spearfisher, Parker says he’s noticed the changes in the region’s oceans over the years. “I stop, I look, I wonder, and I need to know more,” he says.

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