AgTech pioneer sets up North American team to build 20 fly farms upcycling waste to protein

San Francisco, Tuesday March 28 2017: WASTE-TO-NUTRIENT UPCYCLER AgriProtein has set up camp in North America with the aim of building 20 fly farms in the US and Canada in pursuit of its global targets of 100 fly farms by 2024 and 200 by 2027.

The world’s biggest fly-farmer and first commercial-scale insect meal producer, AgriProtein is building a global network of fly-farms mass-producing sustainable animal feeds to displace fishmeal widely used in aquaculture, agriculture and petfood.

The company announced the US initiative at the World AgriTech Innovation Summit 2017 in San Francisco.

Co-founder and CEO Jason Drew explained: “Fishmeal is destroying our oceans.  Replacing fishmeal with insect meal will allow them to heal.  It will reduce greenhouse gases at every stage of the supply chain from point-of-catch to point-of-sale.  And it will leave more fish in the sea for humans.”


On the supply side of the business, AgriProtein’s technology helps tackle the world’s growing waste crisis by rearing fly larvae on a massive scale on organic waste which would otherwise go to landfill. 

“By 2025,” says Drew, “the world will generate enough organic waste to bury an area the size of San Francisco 524 feet deep. That’s two and a half times the height of the Coit Tower. Whereas a fly farm absorbs the weight of a typical cruise ship of organic waste per year.”

A standard AgriProtein fly farm takes in 250 tonnes of organic waste per day, or 91,000 tonnes a year, to feed its population of 8.5 billion black soldier flies and larvae.

The company has allocated several international licenses to use its technology in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. In February it announced a partnership with Austrian engineers Christof Industries enabling it to roll out its fly factory blueprint on a turnkey basis anywhere in the world.


Now AgriProtein has set up a dedicated North American team to develop its business locally and build an R&D capability. Headed by Jon Duschinsky, it will identify suitable locations and licensing partners for fly-farm operations in US and Canada.

Said Jon Duschinsky: “The US is the world’s biggest consumer of protein and the world’s biggest producer of organic waste, a very important market for us. AgriProtein is disrupting three industries – agriculture, aquaculture and animal feed. So it’s natural we chose the world centre of disruptive technologies – the Bay Area and the Valley – to launch our North American campaign. The people and government of California are leading the charge to find clever solutions to environmental problems.”

AgriProtein won an AUD 450,000 award in December for its industrially-scalable solution to the depletion of fish stocks in the Indian Ocean in the Australian government-backed Blue Economy Challenge 2016.

In January this year the company won a place in the Cleantech Global Top 100 and earlier this month an award for its environmental technology research, presented by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco at CleanEquity Monaco 2017.

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