June 8, 2017 is World Oceans Day, a global celebration in recognition of the power and necessity of our oceans. June 8 is also the day the InnovationXchange and SecondMuse conclude the Aquacelerator, helping accelerator ten sustainable aquaculture solutions. We want you to be part of the festivities! Here are five ways you can support and be part of the Aquacelerator’s World Oceans Week Celebration.


Click for the interactive PDF of the “5 Ways to Support” poster.

Be part of Aquacelerator World Oceans Week!

  • Follow SecondMuse on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned for videos celebrating the Aquacelerator innovators and their supporters, especially on June 8.
  • Use the official hashtag #Aquacelerator to join the conversation and share your vision for the future of sustainable aquaculture.
  • Make a commitment to an Aquacelerator innovator at theblueeconomychallenge.com/commitments.
  • Watch a live 360/VR webcast of the virtual reality film premiere.

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