From Australia to South Africa, and from Thailand to Tanzania, since late 2016, ten game-changing companies have set out on a journey to reengineer aquaculture with their own sustainable solutions. In a new video series, each of these Aquacelerator Fellows sheds light on their innovations and what drove them to pursue the impact they are working toward.

One of those Fellows is Jonathen Arul. Arul is the co-founder of Mawio Farms and partnering with Matthew Haden, founder of The Recycler, which is harnessing the power of Black Soldier Flies to turn biowaste into fish feed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

“One of the big problems within the [Indian Ocean] region is malnutrition,” Arul explains. “Childhood development is hampered, education is hampered. People aren’t getting access to the vitamins and minerals that they really require day-to-day. Providing more fish at a more affordable price to the general public will actually help improve that at each stage.”

Through their collaboration, Arul and Recycler founder Haden are promoting closed loop production while creating jobs and fueling economic prosperity. Another innovator bolstering communities in Tanzania is SeaPower, improving seaweed farming technology to empower women and protect the local environment.

Dr. Betty Nyonje of SeaPower points to the impact they’ve already seen among their female workforce.

With a smile, Nyonje recounts, “We’ve seen the confidence of women, their self-esteem. They can already buy their own clothes instead of depending on their husbands. They can pay fees for their children. They can take children to college.”

In addition to The Recycler and SeaPower, the eight other Aquacelerator teams spoke about their work. The revealed how they are strengthening communities, whether promoting gender equality and economic opportunity, or finding an environmentally-friendly way to feed the next generation. Hear stories from these two teams as well as WorldFish/CSIRO, Odyssey Sensors, Indian Ocean Trepang, Bridging International Communities, EnerGaia, MicroSynbiotiX, AgriProtein, and The Climate Foundation.

To watch all of the videos at once, visit our YouTube playlist, and to keep up with the Aquacelerator Fellows and their latest news and updates, follow #Aquacelerator on Twitter.

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