Even as the human demand for wild fish increases and sources rapidly diminish, one-fifth of wild fish caught annually – around 17 million tons – is used as feed for farmed fish and prawns. This practice is unsustainable and is a critical threat to the global aquafeed and aquaculture industries’ viability, as well as the underserved populations that rely on wild fish, as a particularly important source of nutrition.


A prawn feed additive made from agriculture waste, NovacqTM eliminates the need for wild-caught fish in prawn feeds. A partnership between WorldFish and CSIRO is bringing NovacqTM to the IORA region, empowering smallholder farmers to enhance the performance of local feed ingredients and increase productivity with feeds containing little to no wild-caught fish.


NovacqTM’s social, economic and environmental implications are far reaching: more and better seafood, higher community-based profits and a reduction of wild-caught fish all help to restore harmony within marine ecosystems.