Developing alternative food sources and new, sustainable approaches to production are critical to meeting our growing consumption demands.

Traditional food production sectors are incapable of feeding the world – an issue exacerbated by our rapidly expanding population. The first people to lose access to critical food resources will be the billions of people at the wide base of the population pyramid – the majority of the world’s population.


EnerGaia has designed a way to farm spirulina: a nutritious, algae “super-food” that tastes good and can grow anywhere. Right now, EnerGaia cultivates spirulina on urban rooftops, but the company’s production unit can be outfitted for almost any location. Packaged in fresh, dry and frozen powder forms, the harvested algae can be mixed directly into recipes or consumed as a vitamin supplement.


By partnering with contract farmers – particularly, women – across the Indian Ocean Region, EnerGaia could sustainably enhance local diets and create a reliable income source for at-risk communities.