In many parts of the world, changing climate has prevented natural ocean overturning circulation—a process that brings nutrient-rich waters to the sea surface resulting in aquatic plant and animal productivity. Without this naturally occurring process, kelp forests and seaweed farms are suffering and dying, impacting the global seaweed industry and threatening seaweed-dependent food webs and the coastal communities relying on them.


The Climate Foundation has engineered a cutting edge system to reverse this process by placing pumps hundreds of meters below the surface, powered by wave energy, to manually restore overturning circulation in areas where it has stopped. This Marine Permaculture Array(TM) (MPA) directs nutrient-rich waters towards the seaweed farmed in permaculture arrays enhancing the growth of seaweed and providing habitat for diverse fauna including invertebrates, forage and game fish, and birds.


Marine Permaculture Arrays(TM)  (MPAs) restore overturning circulation in the pelagic ocean restoring ocean health, while providing habitat and food for fish and meeting growing demand for seaweed, and promote carbon balance in the ocean.