Affecting more than 1 billion people every year, food insecurity – the lack of access to sufficiently nutritious food – is a constant companion of the impoverished. Many communities in the Indian Ocean Region fall short of a complete, well-rounded diet, but aquaculture could fix this.

Traditional, small-scale aquaculture production requires either low stocking density or expensive, frequent water exchanges, in order to achieve sizable fish. Aquaponics offers a more economically productive and environmentally sustainable alternative.


The Oasis Aquaponic System is a low-cost, solar-powered “farm-in-a-box”, requiring very few resources to produce 200 Tilapia and 270 kilograms of vegetables annually. 


A cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution to food challenges in both rural and suburban communities, the Oasis Aquaponic System has the potential to dramatically improve household nutrition for more than 1 billion low-income people around the world.