Your Creative Ideas Can Help Advance Ocean Health

08/06/2016By Stephanie KimberBlog

It’s World Oceans Day, and we’re taking a look at some of the ways that you– yes, you!– can join the global effort toward productive and sustainable oceans. It all starts with fish. The way we source our fish is changing– today, more of the world’s fish are farmed than wild-caught. As the industry expands, … Read More

“Kiss Me” and Other Ocean Health Innovations

04/04/2016By Davar ArdalanBlog

Did you know you can win funding to develop solutions for sustainable aquaculture by applying to the Blue Economy Challenge? This is a call for innovative solutions that will help break down the barriers to truly sustainable aquaculture. The three challenges areas include: rethinking feed for aquaculture, designing new ocean products, and creating sustainable systems. … Read More

Aquaculture by the numbers: Why innovation matters

16/03/2016By Kendra YoshinagaBlog

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest-growing animal food producing sector, and in developing economies across the Pacific region, it provides a wide range of unique opportunities.1 Using data from the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, we’ll explain how aquaculture can have an impact in three important areas: food security, economic development, and sustainability. Food security This … Read More

Seaweed aquaculture: an innovation platform for the Blue Economy

05/03/2016By Nicholas PaulBlog

by Nicholas Paul, Principal Research Fellow at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia When we think about aquaculture we tend to think of fish farming, and in particular, farming fish for protein. Chances are the fish you are eating today was farmed, not caught. Yet aquaculture – the production of living aquatic resources for food and materials … Read More

Aquaculture – Novel Feeds For A Sustainable Blue Revolution

28/02/2016By Cedric SimonBlog

By Cedric J. Simon Senior Research Scientist in Aquaculture Nutrition, CSIRO Agriculture, Bribie Island Research Centre, Bribie Island QLD Due to ever expanding population growth and increased awareness of the health benefits of seafood, the global appetite for fish is on the rise. Today’s world fish consumption is at a high of 19 kg per … Read More