BBC award for protein that will feed the world

21/09/2017By Matt ScottBlog, News

Insect protein pioneer wins broadcaster’s first international food and farming award 20 September 2017 AGRIPROTEIN has won fresh acclaim in the quest for a new source of protein to feed the planet’s burgeoning population. The waste-to-nutrient pioneer was today (20 September 2017) named the BBC Food Chain Global Champion for its flagship product which is … Read More

Fishing for better food solutions

19/09/2017By Matt ScottBlog

The following was radio interview originally published on ABC Australia’s Future Tense on September 17, 2017.   It’s estimated the global fish catch has dropped by 25% over the past quarter century. That’s coincided with a massive growth in fish farming. But has aqua-cultural contributed to the demise of wild fish stocks? In this program we … Read More

EnerGaia, Aquacelerator Fellow, debuts company news update

01/09/2017By Matt ScottBlog

EnerGaia, a Fellow in the Blue Economy Challenge’s Aquacelerator, recently released their first company newsletter, recapping some of their Blue Economy ongoings and other activites from January 2017 to July 2017. Read below and, if you want to subscribe, send an email to

World Oceans Week: 5 Ways to Support

31/05/2017By Matt ScottBlog, News

June 8, 2017 is World Oceans Day, a global celebration in recognition of the power and necessity of our oceans. June 8 is also the day the InnovationXchange and SecondMuse conclude the Aquacelerator, helping accelerator ten sustainable aquaculture solutions. We want you to be part of the festivities! Here are five ways you can support … Read More

IOT and Ocean Farmers training turns local community members into aquaculture field technicians

24/04/2017By Matt ScottBlog, News

Written by Thibault Giulioli (Indian Ocean Trepang) & Fred Pascal (Ocean Farmers) Industrial fishing methods are putting at stake our oceans health, depleting fish stocks and depriving coastal fishing communities of some of their natural fishing grounds, forcing them to put more pressure onto the lagoon ecosystems. Poverty and over-fishing are the Madagascar South-West region’s … Read More

Breakthrough fish feed solution holds promise for smallholders

18/04/2017By Matt ScottBlog, News

In December 2016, following his attendance at the Aquacelerator kickoff, Dr. Nigel Preston published an article via WorldFish. With more than 25 years of experience, he has authored more than 85 scientific publications on coral reef ecology, fisheries ecology, aquaculture biology, genetics, nutrition and environmental management. In this article, Dr. Preston shares more about Novacq. Currently, … Read More

Why We Innovate: Aquaculture Innovators Share Their Stories

10/04/2017By Matt ScottBlog, News

From Australia to South Africa, and from Thailand to Tanzania, since late 2016, ten game-changing companies have set out on a journey to reengineer aquaculture with their own sustainable solutions. In a new video series, each of these Aquacelerator Fellows sheds light on their innovations and what drove them to pursue the impact they are … Read More

Accelerator 101

22/03/2017By Matt ScottBlog

About our author: Stephanie Kimber is a foundation member of the innovationXchange team, a part of Australia’s aid program. She ran Australia’s first two Grand Challenges and is currently on secondment to the Global Innovation Exchange based in Washington D.C. Last year I experienced the power of an acceleration process up close and personal. To … Read More

The Climate Foundation: Taking a Deep Dive into Marine Permaculture

02/02/2017By Matt ScottBlog, News

Brian von Herzen, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Climate Foundation, which is working on an innovation to restore natural ocean overturning circulation, a process that brings nutrient-rich waters to the sea surface and restores aquatic plant and animal productivity. The Climate Foundation has designed and developed the Marine Permaculture Array, a cutting-edge system … Read More