Infographic: How the Blue Economy Challenge is Re-engineering Aquaculture

29/08/2016By Julia LuthringerBlog, News

In early 2016, the Blue Economy Challenge partners launched a call for ideas that would revolutionize the relationship between seafood and ocean health. 220 applicants from 41 countries answered that call with a breathtaking range of innovations— we’ve visualized the submissions in the in the infographic below (click to enlarge). Before announcing the 10 challenge winners … Read More

From Sea Cucumbers to Spirulina: Meet the 20 Finalists

29/08/2016By Julia LuthringerBlog, News

We are delighted to announce the Top 20 Finalists of the Blue Economy Challenge. Narrowing the applicant pool from over 200 down to 20 was a very difficult task, as there were many strong applications. The diversity of applications was breathtaking: see the full range in our infographic here.  We encourage those of you who were … Read More

Conservation at the Cutting Edge: A Q&A with Alex Dehgan

30/06/2016By Kendra YoshinagaBlog

With just a few hours left until the deadline of the Blue Economy Challenge, we sat down with Alex Dehgan, founder and CEO of #BlueRevolution partner Conservation X Labs. Before founding Conservation X Labs, Dehgan served as the Chief Scientist at the U.S. Agency for International Development. From helping create Afghanistan’s first national park to … Read More

Sustainable Aquaculture: Farming Abalone and Kelp in California!

08/06/2016By Davar ArdalanBlog

On this ‪#‎WorldOceansDay‬, we’re reporting from Monterey Bay, California where we’re focusing on aquaculture. That’s because almost 50% of the fish we consume is farmed and more and more people around the world are working to make sure it’s sustainable. Aquaculture has great potential to contribute to food security, nutrition, livelihoods and economic growth. But if the … Read More